Introduction to Arduino 12 April


Training is fully booked for Saturday!

We will be announcing training dates for May soon, so watch this space.



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H4H at Tech4Africa 2014


We have submitted two sessions to Tech4Africa – please vote!

A. Build your own drone

You cannot open a tech/news site without reading about a drone, UAV, UAS, multi-rotor, quad copter or flying robot. The headlines tend to be combat heavy, but the real applications is just being discovered – surveying, agriculture, photography, art, search-and-rescue, medicine, infra-structure etc. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to build a working multi-rotor based drone. The demonstration will explain each of the components, sub-systems and showing step-by-step assembly. We hope to enable participants with a deep technical understanding of the technology and demystifying to the point where anyone can build their own drone.


B. 3D print a flying robot

3d printing is changing the way we think about manufacturing, design, construction, medicine and the list goes on. The best way to get into 3d printing is to 3d print! And we are planning a hands-on masterclass that will teach you how to 3d print, using the frame for a flying robot as the example model. We will explain the technology used in most desktop 3d printers, the materials that can be printed with, some 3d design basics, how to prepare the design, slice it, send it to the printer for materialization and then fly it.


Micro H-Quadcopter by ukarmy04 on Thingiverse


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What happended Tuesday 4 March

Kobus writes:
This is not to be confused with “what happened at Binary space last night”. They use beer with everything…

Jarryd and Daniel from BushveldLabs came around, they have individually addressable LED- SPI… if real facts are important-

Hans, Francois and myself got stuck in a conversation to make our own PLA. Theoretically not difficult. But talking is easy.

Quentin and Richard was at – or that is what they told me..

So in Quentin’s absence Tuesday, we got to play with Quentin’s laserCutter.. We fixed the airflow “problem” – (Last Friday in Feb there was this nice burning Perspex smell when cutting – Throughout the entire house- dont know why there was so many complaints about it- cleans sinuses beautifully… )

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