House4Hack visits Linden High School 2013 Geek Week


House4Hack joined Linden High School in Johannesburg for a day at their 2013 Geek Week. Post invitation from the resident Linden High Computer Class teacher, House4Hack moved into formation to create an interactive day outing which closely resembled lots of geeking out in a flash-mob style. One of the objectives was to foster curiosity under the students regarding technology and to expose the students to the concepts and openness of a Hackerspace.

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Bread from the H4H solar oven


On Saturday 13 July Schalk, Guy and myself(Kobus) baked bread- Bread dough- R10.

I arrived at house4hack 10h45 and the baking just started. The solar ovens were only adjusted about 3 times.

The bought solar oven. +-R350 (Sat, Jul 13 2013 10:48:38)

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Let’s Talk Hack – Wet Hack and Morgan Reprap


Two new episodes of Let’s Talk Hack was recorded at House4Hack, the first is all about wet hacking and James and Jon tells about their plans to make bio-luminescent pot plants at House4Hack.  Also check out their website

The second episode is all about the Gada prize winning Morgan RepRap printer by Quentin:

More information about the hosts, guest and the show can be found on the Let’s Talk Hack website:


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