Introduction to Arduino – 28 June 2014


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So what happened Tuesday night 17/06/2014 at h4h Centurion..


No we did not see a video yet of the lower orbit space mission of last weekend- just teasers.. But Phillip is working on it. We got some facts here and there, the glider is still in one piece (or they got one that look just like it) … :)

So everybody is waiting.. So hopefully a post above that tell us all about the high altitude glider…

And we ran out of parking again… i have this theory that if we park the vehicles in a parallel dimension? …  Stacking cars was mentioned.. but only twice.

Peter came around with his SmartWatches. Org, Carel, Toby and Francois was all over it. There was some work done on the laser by Peter and Rob gave a hand.

Dennis Kriel came around as well.. with his leather bag- see photo.

man bag

Slightly better photo

Slightly better photo

Note that the photo does not do it justice.. he still has a couple of mods for it- and did some while we were giving advice – and Dennis and team intend to sell them. (They can tell you all about it when they are done..) There is a lot of social taboo’s that have to be changed. Wonder what the reason for the taboo for a man carrying a bag was?  Was it due to weapons? Hackers\Saboteurs? This rock for a tablet or\and notebook.

The guys at Randburg are doing a leather course soon.. The are re branded themselves to MakerLabs. Devin and Mathew are starting to put a nice setup together for brewing. A bottle caper that use compressed air and Arduino, Mathew has a pump that help fill the bottles perfectly and my favorite is the bottle washer.. i hate washing bottles. Devin estimate it cost about R9.40 per liter.
So that is why i go to Randburg\MakerLabs on Wednesdays. Who could have guessed?

And Dennis dropped of refractory cement for our furnace at h4h Centurion(last week). So we have fire bricks, refractory, a gas burner, a hammer, anvil…


please note that this was posted directly to WordPress and Schalk, Phillip or Toby did not check this rambling..yet

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High Altitude Glider


The Plan

Attach a glider to a weather balloon and go as high as it will go (hoping for at least 20 km, 30km would be fantastic, 40km would be record breaking!), then release the glider and fly back to earth FPV.

Yes, we know David and some other guys have done the same, but we want to do it our way and  ….well….we want to do it!



The Team

House4Hack have teamed up with the guys from HABEX – they have lots of experience and has reached a height of 39km….so we are excited to learn from their experience

On the House4Hack side, the team currently is

  • Arnold
  • Gert
  • Matthew
  • Nico
  • Philip
  • Richard
  • Schalk

If you are interested to join us, pop in on a Tuesday evening – we are in the “space” room.

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Get involved

Mailing List / Forum: Google Group

  • Schalk 082 777 7098
    schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com
  • Guy 084 678 0045
    guy dot vandenberg at microsmart dot co dot za
  • Toby