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High Altitude Glider Video

Philip tells the story of our High Altitude Glider FPV flite.¬† The project was a huge success and went without a glitch…we released the glider at 20000 ft and the balloon + camera payload went to 32km. We completed this project in collaboration with the HABEX team¬† – we loved working with these like-minded guys,…

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High Altitude Glider

The Plan Attach a glider to a weather balloon and go as high as it will go (hoping for at least 20 km, 30km would be fantastic, 40km would be record breaking!), then release the glider and fly back to earth FPV. Yes, we know David and some other guys have done the same, but…

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FPV at Valhalla

Friday’s weather started out quite miserably, so we only got to the Valhalla baseball fields at around 13:00. However, the day really improved and we had lots of phun flying FPV planes and quadcopters. Zer0T1lt recorded some footage using his GoPro and new gimbal and edited that into a great summary of the site and…

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