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Who is blogbot?

Blogbot is a Telegram bot that was written to turn a short description and photos with captions into a blog post which are more or less accurate (uses ChatGPT so quality and truthfulness varies). More information and source code here: We use it chronicle our Tuesday meetups. Below some examples of articles:

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Last time we went out to Golden Gate, Toby took his telescope with and it was lots of fun to look at constellations and planets and so on.  One issue is that it is quite tricky to setup the telescope pointing at something interesting and then get someone else to also see it.  So Toby…

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RoboBeast hot off the production line

On Saturday we got to play with one of the RoboBeasts fresh off the production line – Arnold took these stunning pictures:   Apart from helping out with the testing (uhmm…yeah right), the reason for us wanting to use the RoboBeast is, it is FAST!!!  If you have ever messed around with 3d printing, you…

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