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What will happen at h4h tonight? – think i got that parallel dimension thing working..

  Good afternoon, as you might notice i do this ahead of time.. very optimistically.. and if you got a shock- still Tuesday- dont worry.. This is a day early.. not my normal 2 or 3 late… but early. Got that parallel dimension thing working.. here is the evidence…(remember i wanted to store stuff  in…

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Robohand has been hard at work at House4Hack over the weekend and their aim is to produce an inexpensive 3d printable prosthetic leg: roboleg First prototype of the RoboLeg   Richard has been thinking about this idea for a while and decided to host a maker’s weekend with designers, practitioners and enthusiasts from Robohand Cape…

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House4Hack wiki started

Hi, We started the house4hack wiki. We will move all the training related stuff here. Also technical build details and walk troughs and hack documentation if you want to We have started moving some of it. We need people to assist. Please let us know. You can find some of tomorow nights Python Course material here already.  

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