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2023/09/06 – Engaging Endeavors: Collaborative Projects & Craftiness at House4Hack!

Hello there, fellow makers! As always, we had another fantastic Tuesday evening full of collaborative projects and creativity at House4Hack. Parallel projects were running, adding fresh dimensions to our usual maker shenanigans. So lean back, sip your coffee, and let’s dive straight into how the evening unfolded. In one corner, we had the fabulous duo…

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2023/08/31 – Molding Marvels: Pewter Casting at House4Hack

Howdy, makers! Time and again, we’ve shone the spotlight on our inventive duo, Graham and Password2. Last week, these intrepid fellas ventured into the realm of casting, swapping traditional materials for something a little more… fiery. From CO2 production to brass moldings, they’ve been keen to dive head-first into the unconventional. And to no one’s…

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2023/08/24 – Brass Castings & Mold Making Magic Spotted at House4Hack

Hello there, awesome makers! It’s that time of the week again where we chat about our most recent House4Hack meetup. This past Tuesday, our inventive duo – Graham and Password2 – decided to play with some fire… figuratively, of course. The adventurous pair ventured into molding and casting brass, which was nothing short of thrilling.…

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