Category: Making

2023/05/23 – House4Hack Tuesday Meet: Robz, Password2, and Mmontsheng Make Progress on Various Projects

On Tuesday evening, House4Hack was abuzz with creative energy as regular members Robz, Password2, and Mmontsheng gathered to work on their projects. Despite working in different areas, they were united by a passion for making and creating. Mmontsheng spent the evening working on his Arduino based snake game. He carefully wired up his microcontroller, attaching…

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2023/05/30 – Building a Flight Simulator: Monty’s Instrument Panel

Are you ready for takeoff? Monty certainly is. At House4Hack’s Tuesday evening meetup, he’s been hard at work building an instrument panel for his flight simulator. And the centerpiece of his project is an altimeter, which he’s 3D printed and integrated with a stepper driver to adjust the altitude. Monty has been working on this…

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