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2023/07/19 – A Night of Infrared Exploration at House4Hack

Hey there, makers! Gather ’round as I share the fascinating and slightly chaotic events that unfolded at our recent House4Hack meetup. Last Tuesday, our creative member, Password2, brought his new infrared camera attachment to the house, and things quickly spiraled into a realm of exciting experiments and surprising discoveries. As makers, we are always curious…

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2023/07/12 – House4Hack Meetup: Sashen’s Flow Sensor Tackles Water Supply Woes

Hey there, makers! It’s time to gather ’round and share the latest happenings from our House4Hack meetup. Last Tuesday, our ingenious member Sashen took center stage, showcasing his latest creation – a flow sensor to detect whether the municipal water supply to his house was on. Living in an area where the supply sometimes goes…

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2023/07/04 – House4Hack Meetup: John from Quantum Crayon Visits and Sparks Innovative Ideas

  Hey makers! It’s time to share the latest happenings at our House4Hack meetup. Last Tuesday, we had a special guest, John from Quantum Crayon, join us for an evening of technical discussions and brainstorming. John, an expert in using the Esp32 M5stack with MicroPython, came to pick our brains on solving some hardware sensing…

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