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2023/08/15 – Taking a Small Step at House4Hack with a Tiny Laser-Milled Breadboard

Well, howdy, makers! Gather ’round the glowing screens as I take you back in time to this Tuesday’s jovial jamboree at the House. Our beloved Password2 took centerstage, putting our minds to the test and our excitement at ease with his innovative laser milling marvel – a wee 10 pin breadboard. Now, for those of…

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2023/08/03 – Pushing Boundaries in Raspberry Pi With a New and Improved Pi Guy Hat

Hey there, fellow makers, thinkers and doers! Gather around the digital workbench as I take you on a whirlwind of creativity from the last House4Hack Tuesday gathering. I mean, these meetups get more exciting each week, and judging by what we got up to this past Tuesday, we’re not slowing down anytime soon! Let’s venture…

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2023/07/25 – A Night of Laser Cutting Collaboration at House4Hack

Hey there, makers! Gather ’round as I share the exciting happenings from our latest House4Hack meetup. Last night, the House was abuzz with three separate laser cutting projects, and the atmosphere was filled with collaboration, creativity, and the sweet smell of burning wood. First up, we had Monty working on his simulator’s artificial horizon. With…

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