What is House4Hack?

The House 4 Hack is an initiative to bring together technology specialists and entrepreneurs in an informal setting.   The setting is a 400 m² house in Lyttleton Manor in Centurion and will be equiped with various prototyping tools. Further we plan to provide access to business mentorship, startup finance and training on a variety of topics.

We are trying to combine concepts from hackerspaces and innovation incubators in a way that hobbyists, folks stuck in corporations (read slavery) or want to take a break from your regular job can experiment with start-ups in a safe friendly environment.

Please contact Schalk 082 777 7098 / schalk.heunis@gmail.com, if this sounds like you!

Ayana visited Robohand and made this short video after chatting to some of the members:


Constitution and House Rules

The founding document is available for download  here
Standing Rules – none so far.  However, some guidelines:

  1. Don’t be on fire
  2. Sometimes the beer explodes
  3. Ask if you are not sure

How do I become a member?

Many people have asked me this, at the moment there is no membership fees and we have adopted a duck typing system – if you think you are a member, you are.

Who is our sponsors?

We have some really generous sponsors – read about it


The house is located at 4 Burger Ave in Lyttleton Manor


Banking details
Account name: House4hack
Account number: 10011479106
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch name: 100 Grayston Drive, Sandton
Branch code: 580105

Get involved

Mailing List / Forum:
Google Group


  • Schalk 082 777 7098
    schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com

  • Guy 084 678 0045
    guy dot vandenberg at microsmart dot co dot za

  • Toby


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