Rotating panoramic time-lapse


Philip shows a very cool rotating panoramic time-lapse hack using an egg timer:

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Intermediate Arduino Course – 18 October


This class is for anyone who understands the basics of the Arduino Single Board Microcontroller and wants to take their projects to the next level.   You will learn to write sketches that fully take advantage of the capabilities of the Arduino.  You will also learn new ways make your Arduino communicate with other devices.

As part of the course, you will build an Arduino weather station with temperature, humidity and pressure readings. Data get saved to a SD card and will also be displayed in real time on a LCD screen. A RTC will keep track of date and time.


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Holding my thought


Jody visited at House4Hack a while back and told me this awesome story about their experience with 3d printing in the class room…

The video was produced by Ayana Baraka on behalf of Robohand

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