Robohand has been hard at work at House4Hack over the weekend and their aim is to produce an inexpensive 3d printable prosthetic leg: roboleg

Best quality render
First prototype of the RoboLeg


Richard has been thinking about this idea for a while and decided to host a maker’s weekend with designers, practitioners and enthusiasts from Robohand Cape Town, Australia and Robohand HQ.¬† Also collaborating with Quentin Harley (designer of the award winning Reprap Morgan) and Bernhard Vogt (owner of CAD House 3d printers).


From left to right

From left to right: Richard (Robohand Legend), Gray (Robohand Australia), Ian (Robohand Cape Town), Pele (intern at Robohand HQ), Stephen (intern at Robohand HQ), Bernhard  (Cad House 3d printers), Leonard (Robohand HQ), Quentin (Reprap Morgan)



Robohand HQ is situated at the back of House4Hack in what used to be the main bedroom, this space has been converted into a 3d printing, #EnableOneEnableMany, collaborative innovation lab:


Development continues for the rest of the week and will be iteratively refined.  If you want to know more about this project, Richard is a regular at our weekly Tuesday meetups.

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