High Altitude Glider Video


Philip tells the story of our High Altitude Glider FPV flite.  The project was a huge success and went without a glitch…we released the glider at 20000 ft and the balloon + camera payload went to 32km.

We completed this project in collaboration with the HABEX team  – we loved working with these like-minded guys, and they

  • organized sponsorship of the hydrogen from AFROX
  • sponsored the balloons
  • sponsored the APRS units used (three in total for cars and glider)
  • communicated and liaised with CAMU for permission to complete the endeavour
  • providing lots of wisdom, advise, support and direction
  • lots of other things, without which this would not have been possible!

Apart from everyone in the team and our friends from HABEX pitching in, we also had partners who provided some financial support:

  • AFROX for the Hydrogen
  • The High Flyer Shop  for supplying the mini-Talon, which met a premature end during our test flight on the 31st of May
  • Junction Hobbies for assisting with the long radio video equipment

Lots of people have asked me: “Why?” – apart from “why not” and “because we can” type answers, we wanted to show South Africans and kids in particular, that it is possible.    My experience is that we tend to not be limited by technology, but rather what we can think to do with technology!  So once you know someone with access to the same tech/tools as you, has done something, this means you can stand on their shoulders and do something 10x better.

This was an amazing experience and we can’t wait for the next one (planned for September!)


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