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Last time we went out to Golden Gate, Toby took his telescope with and it was lots of fun to look at constellations and planets and so on.  One issue is that it is quite tricky to setup the telescope pointing at something interesting and then get someone else to also see it.  So Toby suggested PiScope:


What is PiScope?

PiScope is a project we are busy with to do basic astrophotography using a RaspberryPi, PiCam and telescope.  When it is done we hope to have autotracking via OpenCV working and at the moment can jog, take photos etc.  It also has a neat little screen where everyone can see the object in question.

Lots of people pitched in to make this happen and was quite a fun project to work on – some woodwork, 3d design, printing, electronics, software all mixed together to make this work.

Want to build your own?

The 3d printed parts, code and so on is all on Github:

Here is the finished product:


We gave a talk at ScopeX 2015 and here is the presentation:

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Welcome to House4Hack


Ayana visited Robohand at House4Hack and made this short video after interviewing some of H4H’s members.  It answers some of the questions new visitors and members have:

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What will happen at h4h tonight? – think i got that parallel dimension thing working..



Good afternoon, as you might notice i do this ahead of time.. very optimistically.. and if you got a shock- still Tuesday- dont worry.. This is a day early.. not my normal 2 or 3 late… but early.

Got that parallel dimension thing working.. here is the evidence…(remember i wanted to store stuff  in a parallel universe?)


Exhibit 1 – the garage at house4hack Centurion Today, cause there is no way that it could get all that neat over a weekend.


Except if Richard decided to clean?(Leonard get a honorable mention..)…. Damn.. i just got optimistic on the parallel universe thing…:)

So Richard and Quentin is teaming up to start building a lot of 3D printers.. Vernon is going to work for them. I will refer to them as Robo_Morgan until threatened to do otherwise.. 🙂  Reasons for my name Robo_Morgan:

  • The new Morgans are shiny,
  • Robo_Beast is involved,  just maths so far …
  • and less typing- the new cool thing in functional programming i think. Mikkel tried to explain functional programming to me last night in one sentence, and this is what stuck. Next time use relevant pictures\and some unit testing of content retained Mikkel?

As “we” (stakeholders- what does vampire movies and project management have in common? stakeholders!) discussed with Richard, he brought quite a number of nice(expensive) tools that might be used under certain logical terms..

  • Dont lick anything in the garage- its dirty. See logical?
  • Dont be on fire rule still apply.
  • Wear safety goggles.. obvious. there are a bunch behind the door. There are overcoats as well. If they dont fit..Either shrink a bit- or buy.. R125 at the Johnson’s safety shop in Lenchen almost next to Adendorf machinery.  (Took a couple of days to get Quentin out of one of them..comfy)
  • Dont fiddle with machines that you dont know how it works.. Ask, and someone will show you, and then play.. This is standard practice in all maker spaces. (Logical?) And concentrate- The fastest i ever came back to reality was the time i was lost in thought, and the mill bit into the metal…
  • Dont disrupt production, dont break stuff, +safety? Vernon is actually a real safety officer. He used to do it as a day job before he decided to go and work for “the BEAST”…

MicroSmart continue to operate from the front of h4h, so less hacky and more “corporate”, but the quad-copter room and kitchen will now go 100% Maker-space. So classes will still run in the main big room on weekends where Guy\Schalk and Minions work during the week. (Wynand get a special mention here…)

The maker space will eventually have it own entrance from the kitchen, where we can start hacking without disrupting business.

The positive of this is that there is small businesses are growing within h4h, we have to tidy the hacker-space a “bit”. The businesses need a space to start growing, Richard has been making hands for a couple of years, Guy has about 50 years of experience in programming.. dog year multiplier 🙂

So i wont be at h4h tonight, or hopefully for the next 9 weeks- i am going to go do the thing. Tuesday nights.. (what i am not prepared to give up for money? 🙂


AS per normal -Toby, Schalk, Phillip has the job of changing this posts content if it affront more than the maximum number of un-afronted members..

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