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So what happened Tuesday night 17/06/2014 at h4h Centurion..

No we did not see a video yet of the lower orbit space mission of last weekend- just teasers.. But Phillip is working on it. We got some facts here and there, the glider is still in one piece (or they got one that look just like it) … 🙂 So everybody is waiting.. So…

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What is up at h4h since Tuesday afternoon – 25 April edition

Kobus catches us up on what has been happening at h4h: Good afternoon Ran out of parking again on Tuesday night.. Richard say we should NOT think of building a carousel for cars.. very adamantly. (32 cars the previous week..) Lee brought some finger food and Rusks  –   Sorry could not take photo’s lots…

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What happended Tuesday 4 March

Kobus writes: This is not to be confused with “what happened at Binary space last night”. They use beer with everything… Jarryd and Daniel from BushveldLabs came around, they have individually addressable LED- SPI… if real facts are important- Hans, Francois and myself got stuck in a conversation to make our own PLA. Theoretically…

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