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What happened Tuesday 19/2 at House4Hack?

Kobus writes: So guess what? you missed out – again..  🙂

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What happened Tuesday 11/11

Ok  i was late at h4h.. went to Microsoft SQL users group first.. Kind of a support group for DBA’s . So i got there at 21h00. Arnold and Philip came around, so there was “some” talk about quadcopters. Add Gert and some others and it lasted for hours. Philip brought his little ninja. This…

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What happened Tuesday 22/10

Schalk was doing some soldering to get a serial connection to his quad’s radio so he could flash it. A question arose “why?” the answer might be in here.. i left before 12, and Quentin and Gert was still assisting. Nic rocked up with his board- see a post from Peter- simplicity.. i can…

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