A couple of us are getting together on Tuesday morning to chat about the house and build a simple cellphone controlled access system for the house.

We are installing a magnetic lock on one of the doors and opens the gate by temporarily disconnecting the power.

We would probably need some sort of management interface for the device, to add or remove user numbers.

So need some hardware and software folks to help – if you want to participate on the hardware side, please bring along any equipment needed, at the moment we don’t have anything.

Tobie has made a great start with the Arduino with a GSM shield, so we could use this as a starting point.

We also have some ideas in terms of the sustainability that we can discuss. Or other project / startup ideas.  Or if you have a cool prototype / toy to show.

Suggestion is to start at 10 am.

For those that don’t know, the house is at 4 Burger Avenue, Lyttleton Manor.  25° 50′ 27″ S, 28° 12′ 34″ E , or see attached map.

Pizza and drinks will be provided for lunch 🙂


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