Lathe parting off and turning


Since the Lathe arrived at H4H there has been considerable activity around it:

  • Kobus showed Guy and I  how to weld / grind / cut and we made a working table for the machine – the wooden top supplied by Fanie and delivered by Org
  • Guy and I cleaned the machine with some paraffin and gearbox oil – basically stripping the machine and reassembling – in the process replacing some broken bits etc
  • Kobus and I repaired the belt cover that was partially broken

And last night Jandré made some cutting bits for parting-off and turning – he used the grinding wheel to masterfully craft these tools from existing (broken & chipped) high speed steel bits:

Jandré really knows his stuff and under his instruction, we took turns to part-off and turn various pieces of metal:

We are planning an introductory course soon, so watch this space!

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