Energy Shield Startup


At our kick-off meeting, we decided to create an Energy Logger Shield as a joint project.

In order to complete the project, we will do a series of talks and courses on a variety of topics. This will happen at successive Wednesday evenings at Jumping Bean in Randburg.

The schedule so far – if you are interested please mail me at schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com

28 March – Introduction to Arduino – R600 (R400 for H4H members) – 18:00 at Jumping Bean
– Basic IDE
– Digital output, PWM output
– Digital input and analog input
– Servos and relays

4 April – Energy logger basics – R400 (R200 for H4H members) – 18:00 at Jumping Bean
– Basics of electricity – AC vs DC, current, voltage, power, energy
– Simple osciloscope
– Current sensing circuit
– Logging the data

11 April – Python for Energy Logging – cost to be confirmed
– Python basics
– Reading the energy logger
– Calculation – calculate your bill
– Basic webpage with graphing and analytics

Edit: updated these dates

2 May – Shield design & PCB layout – R200 (R100 for members)
– Design of the shield
– Laying it out using Eagle

23 May – Manufacturing – R200 (R100 for members) 
– Options for manufacturing, e.g. local, international
– Pitfalls
– Contracting
– Distribution of the product

30 May – Android for Energy Logging – R200 (R100 for members)

– Reading logged data
– Graphing the data
– Summarizing and graphical display (dial)

6 June – Web commerce and marketing –  R200 (R100 for members)
– Google adwords
– Facebook adds
– SEO basics
– E-shopping cart


The courses are held at Jumping Bean’s office : 373 Kent Avenue  Ferndale 2091

How to pay?
Payment beforehand via EFT: details here  or cash on the day

What if I can’t attend all of these?
The idea is to take you on this journey from idea to a product. We want to encourage you to attend all of these, however, this is not always possible.  So, we will try to have it so that each course make sense on their own.

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  1. Tooblippe 03/23/2012, 8:19 pm:

    Awesome Skullkey. Well done in getting this up and running so quickly. Can’t wait buddy!


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