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Robohand has been hard at work at House4Hack over the weekend and their aim is to produce an inexpensive 3d printable prosthetic leg: roboleg

Best quality render
First prototype of the RoboLeg


Richard has been thinking about this idea for a while and decided to host a maker’s weekend with designers, practitioners and enthusiasts from Robohand Cape Town, Australia and Robohand HQ.  Also collaborating with Quentin Harley (designer of the award winning Reprap Morgan) and Bernhard Vogt (owner of CAD House 3d printers).

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House4Hack wiki started


We started the house4hack wiki. We will move all the training related stuff here. Also technical build details and walk troughs and hack documentation if you want to

We have started moving some of it. We need people to assist. Please let us know.

You can find some of tomorow nights Python Course material here already.


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Monster CNC Router


Yesterday saw the arrival of a monster sized CNC at House4Hack

The machine is part of a venture being incubated by Marcus, Dries and William.  Dries was responsible for building the machine and the group are planning to explore a variety of products and services using this very impressive piece of hardware.

The machine is fitted with a router and can be applied to wood and most plastics.  The table is about the size of a table tennis table and can easily be applied to a full sized door!

One of the reasons for incubating at House4Hack is the potential for cross-pollination between mechanical, electronics and software – the collaborative intelligence that are possible are mind-blowing, think UAV’s, Solar Cars etc, etc.

Currently the plan is to have demonstration of the machine coming Tuesday evening.


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