Arduino Eagle CAD Course – this Saturday 3 March 9-13


Nick will be presenting a course on using Eagle CAD this Saturday 3 March 9-13.

The course contents

  1. Introduction to the main components of the Eagle CAD
  2. The Control Panel
  3. The Circuit Diagram  Editor
  4. The PCB Layout Editor
  5. The button on each of the above screen and what they do
  6. Drawing your first Circuit Diagram
  7. Placing components on the circuit diagram
  8. The students are given an Arduino Shield to design the circuit and layout the PCB and produce a PS file for sending to the PCB manufacturer
  9. Manipulating the components
    • moving
    • rotating
    • inverting
  10. wiring up the components
  11. Discussion on what needs to be wired so you get power and ground on the required IC pins when laying out the PCB
  12. Optimizing the layout of your circuit diagram for better readability
  13. placing links in your circuit diagram for solving PCB routing problems
  14. Generating Component Schedules
  15. Drawing the tracks on the PCB
  16. Placing components on the circuit diagram
  17. Manipulating the components
    • moving
    • rotating
    • inverting
  18. Optimizing the layout of your  Circuit diagram
  19. Wiring up the components
  20. Solving routing problems using links
  21. Creating Post Script Files for providing PCB manufacturers

You will need a laptop with the free version of Eagle pre-installed.

The course cost will be R200.

If you would like to attend, please reply to this mail.

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