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Holding my thought

Jody visited at House4Hack a while back and told me this awesome story about their experience with 3d printing in the class room… The video was produced by Ayana Baraka on behalf of Robohand

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Printing a racing quad frame

Nico did a nice time lapse of the Morgan 3d printer in action!¬† The video shows it printing the frame for a racing quadcopter we are busy working on…..

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What will happen at h4h tonight? – think i got that parallel dimension thing working..

  Good afternoon, as you might notice i do this ahead of time.. very optimistically.. and if you got a shock- still Tuesday- dont worry.. This is a day early.. not my normal 2 or 3 late… but early. Got that parallel dimension thing working.. here is the evidence…(remember i wanted to store stuff¬† in…

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