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High Altitude Glider

The Plan Attach a glider to a weather balloon and go as high as it will go (hoping for at least 20 km, 30km would be fantastic, 40km would be record breaking!), then release the glider and fly back to earth FPV. Yes, we know David and some other guys have done the same, but…

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Robohand has been hard at work at House4Hack over the weekend and their aim is to produce an inexpensive 3d printable prosthetic leg: roboleg First prototype of the RoboLeg   Richard has been thinking about this idea for a while and decided to host a maker’s weekend with designers, practitioners and enthusiasts from Robohand Cape…

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Build your own quadcopter – 10 May 2014

ZARCDEV is planning a “Build your own quadcopter” course on the 10th of May 2014 at House4Hack. Included in the course is the following: Background and some theory of flight What makes it fly and what stops it from flying (the latter is quite important!) How to fly safely and grow the sport (don’t be…

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