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RoboBeast launch and House4Hack open day

Robohand prints 3d mechanical devices to aid amputees (upper limbs).  The creator of RoboHand decided to create RoboBeast – a robust, efficient, Africanized 3d printing beast.  When: 15 February 2014 – 10:00 to 17:00 Where: House4Hack, 4 Burger Ave, Lyttleton Manor The venue is now Elardus Park Primary School, 548 Alberton Street, Elardus Park.  …

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House4Hack visits Linden High School 2013 Geek Week

House4Hack joined Linden High School in Johannesburg for a day at their 2013 Geek Week. Post invitation from the resident Linden High Computer Class teacher, House4Hack moved into formation to create an interactive day outing which closely resembled lots of geeking out in a flash-mob style. One of the objectives was to foster curiosity under…

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3d-printer maiden print

We started the printer build on 22 November and on 20 December the first print was made! This video shows the first print (a propeller) using the 3d printer. Well done to all involved in completing the printer build – the following names come to mind: Andrew John Jossekin Marius Mikkel Nick Philip Schalk Thain…

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