Author: Philip

Passionate Open Source & Linux Advocate .. technical minded .. problem solver .. challenge is nice .. quick learner .. easy going .. open minded

House4Hack visits Linden High School 2013 Geek Week

House4Hack joined Linden High School in Johannesburg for a day at their 2013 Geek Week. Post invitation from the resident Linden High Computer Class teacher, House4Hack moved into formation to create an interactive day outing which closely resembled lots of geeking out in a flash-mob style. One of the objectives was to foster curiosity under…

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Having my Raspberry Pi and eating it

So I have finally become the proud owner of a Raspberry Pi! Super exciting and as I have envisioned, have not been sleeping much since I took delivery on Monday afternoon 😀 To commemorate the 3 month wait since I ordered from Newark/Element14 in the States on that first release day, I took my Raspberry…

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House4Hack RapMan 3D Printer – First Build

We got off to a great start on Tuesday evening (22 Nov) with the build of the H4H RapMan 3.1 3D Printer! Thanks to Andrew, Mikkel, Jossekin, Nick and Philip who made up the first build team. Was funny to hear us referring to parts as “geared things” and “starred jobs”! 🙂 We learned alot…

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