ZX14 Track number plate control


Freddie came up with the design for a track number plate control for his ZX14 and with some help from Toby on the Arduino coding, completed the following proof-of-concept implementation.

The number plate control consists of

  • An actuating button and status LED on the handle bar
  • A dc motor with gearbox for rotating the numberplate holder
  • Arduino Nano with H-bridge motor controller to tie everything together

The result is seen in the following clip:

The design was made in such a way as to prevent the number plate holder from accidentally rotating.  This was one of the main considerations for the design and ensures that the vehicle is road legal when not on the track.  However, when on the track, the number plate can easily be rotated for maximum performance.  A status led gives a visual indicator of the rotation angle to the driver at all times.

Below are some photos of the build process and the final product.  The controller is housed below the seat in a waterproof box .  The numberplate holder is rotated using a custom lever arrangement.   It is attached to a powerful gearbox, which was recovered from an old copier.


The code for the Arduino is here: https://github.com/tobykurien/BikePlate, including the schematic of the circuit (thanks to Murray for his excellent Eagle course!!!)

Freddie is busy testing the poc implementation, but told me he is impressed with the results so far.  There has even been talks of using this as a prop in a local commercial 🙂

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