What happened Tuesday 19/2 at House4Hack?

Kobus writes:
So guess what? you missed out – again..  🙂

Richard dumped a tablet on our desks early in the morning.. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-SVD13225PXB-13-3-Inch-Convertible-Touchscreen/dp/B00FB45WTE will need to write Christmas father a letter.. right at the bottom of the page there is a writeup of how to load Ubuntu.

So issue with windows 8 loading- so… after browsing the web, etc Toby assisted in loading Ubuntu 13.10 64bit. Even got the touch working, then Gert assisted in getting networking(drivers) and all the apps for 3D printing going.  Ubuntu 14.04 will have more touch features enabled.

At about 17h00 Toby gave the same talk that he gave at Vodacom the morning, about game development and how it is more accessible than ever. There are some git repositories..  Toby maybe you can post the slide with the game “engines”? Unity, Godot..?

FYI there are 380 members google on the group.

Charles came around- he does training for Rockwell PLC’s etc,  Quentin and Hans had a interesting chat regarding plastic stuff with Hugo.

I met Rean on Saturday, (blacksmith enthusiast) so he came around later last night- might have a extra anvil etc that he might loan to us..

And this is just what i could eavesdrop on..

so, till next week- or until i remember to do a other writeup..  🙂

On a side note, Arnold, Gert and I undertook operation GuyCopter – after about an hour of tinkering, this was the result!


Hovering perfectly still, yes the control on the right is bound to the receiver on the quad!


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