What happened Tuesday 11/19


OK- so you missed out, deal with it, or come around..  🙂   Beer!!

we had a lot of new faces- will see how many wont come back- really tried not to scare them off…
Andrew Turpin popped in to meet Richard- Richard is in Brain thingy mag of ITWeb.

Daniel is still fine.. he is still less than a percentage cyborg.. You even get blood glucose implants… Rfid, nfc etc..Not the same one as in pets.. i asked.
Bernhardt came around want to build a fire starter for braai’s. Better airflow for starting brikets.

Jan Davel came around, i met him with the innovation hub competition 2 years ago.
ASked him about gasification- turn out that he know a lot about it-but he think is it is cute, but over complicated.

Off the shelf version for R2.5mil each- can be bought in Pretoria. That version work well.. Can sell 1Mw to Eskom.
but a internal combustion running 24\7 dont last long. For the competition he build a Brayton Cycle the money was a bit short- but developing it with NWU in Potch.

Jan and myself are planning of building a Rankine_cycle in the back at h4h next year.. Wonder if Schalk will notice… 🙂
We are aiming for 2kw generation- with a thermal battery of about +5000l of hot water.. will need to be creative on safety..
Org and Francios did not roll on the floor laughing, so this idea cant be to far fetched.. worse case is we have 5kl of hot water on tap.

Devin- met your girlfriend’s father. We had a interesting talk about sack spiders etc.. nasty little f#$%rs – he lost most of his index finger from a bite.

Quentin help me to install arduino from Github..
type in  terminal         git clone https://github.com/arduino/Arduino.git
the url can be copied bottom right below https clone url button that look like a clipboard+arrow left.


then go to         cd ~/Arduino/build
or where the repository was placed on local computer..

but it does not update the installed app.. can run it from command line correct folder and then “ant run” .. might be a better\alternative way?

Schalk and Gert fiddled with arduino and transmitters..

it took a while for the onlookers to share in their enthusiasm.. even Gert hid behind chairs for safety..
I could barely see him hiding, cause i was hiding behind a solid wall.

Little bit of tinkering and arduino flying will take of more predictably..

got out of there at 23h00 early…

Till next time,
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