What happended Tuesday 4 March

Kobus writes:
This is not to be confused with “what happened at Binary space last night”. They use beer with everything…

Jarryd and Daniel from BushveldLabs came around, they have individually addressable LED- SPI… if real facts are important- www.bushveldlabs.com

Hans, Francois and myself got stuck in a conversation to make our own PLA. Theoretically not difficult. But talking is easy.

Quentin and Richard was at http://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/style/creativity-at-cape-s-design-indaba-1.1654769#.UxbHWVlH6vg – or that is what they told me..

So in Quentin’s absence Tuesday, we got to play with Quentin’s laserCutter.. We fixed the airflow “problem” – (Last Friday in Feb there was this nice burning Perspex smell when cutting – Throughout the entire house- dont know why there was so many complaints about it- cleans sinuses beautifully… )

So on last week Tuesday we did not manage to get anything useful cut. But learned a important lesson. “Dont press the green button” when the cover is open. So one accomplice pressed the button while the other had a finger where it should not have been. So the room was filled with the slightly sweet smell of burning human flesh.  Not what we wanted to cut….see attachment…. We thought of other delicate medical procedures that we can also use it for… No this does not break the “dont be on fire” rule.

So we decided to wait…. frustrating. This morning when i told Quentin about it he just smirked… Seems like the laser cutter had a pre-existing condition.. bearings shot. … useful information, been worying about breaking others toys.. We will get some PPE… Always wanted an excuse to get those shiny space suits.. 🙂

So not sure what will happen tonight- take probability theory, multiply with number of slightly eccentric people, bit of technology, and…. no realy- i dont have the fogy-ist idea. Just hope it is less eventful than last week..

So till tonight

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