Raspberry Pi self racing car workshop – Saturday 27 May


Mikkel and I think it can be lots of phun to do a self driving car workshop on 27 May.

This is an early preview course and will allow us to develop and refine the workshop – so at this stage we are limiting participation to House4Hack members and their kids!


The course shows how to integrate a number of technologies (CAD, 3D printing, Linux, Python, Electronics (servo control), Deep Learning) to deliver a self-driving car. Three standard radio controlled cars as per the picture are available during the course.

The workshop contents as follows:

  • a. Introduction
  • b. Building the frame
  • c. Configure the pi
  • d. Assemble the car
  • e. Manually driving the car
  • f. Self car racing
  • g. More beer (BYOB)

Thanks for the support – the workshop is fully booked

To participate you will need a Raspberry Pi 3 and RPi Camera – if you don’t have a RPi camera,  let me know and we can order from PiShop.

For this intro workshop we will be charging R600 in future, which includes a kit containing a Pi to RC car interface card (PCA9685) and SD card configured with OpenCV, Tensorflow, Python etc. etc.

For the preview edition, the costs is only R300!

  • Where: House4Hack
  • When: 27 May – Saturday
  • Time: 9.00 – 13.00
  • Cost: R300 – if you want a Pi a camera it is R500 extra.
Thanks for the support – the workshop is fully booked

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