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In preparation for Software Freedom Day and the H4H stand here is the Geohash of the H4H address: kekhczvdbmvb. Geohashing converts a GPS location into a string. Latitude and longitude are expressed as two sequences of bits where each bit increases the precision by halving the interval a value falls into. For example, with latitude the first bit indicates whether a point is on the northern or southern hemisphere (90-0 or -90 to 0 degrees) the second whether the point falls into the (+/-) 90 to 45 or the 45 to 0 degrees range, etc.. The bit sequences are then merged into one sequence (even bits for longitude, odd bits for latitude) and finally converted to base32. There’s a worked example on Wikipedia.

Although short, a Geohash code is not a pleasure to type. One possible use other than to share it online is to generate a QR-code (Quick Response) for it as shown below.

Proudly generarted at http://qr-code.co.za – my very own, all Python QR code generator in a messy but working pre-alpha state. 🙂


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  1. hcvst 09/12/2011, 4:34 pm:

    Comment to self: I (hcvst) am cool. http://geohash.org/hcvst is on Antarctica.

  2. Tooblippe 09/20/2011, 7:06 am:

    Dude can you please share the python code! I want to feed it to my python

  3. Discount Uggs 09/28/2011, 10:24 am:

    This post may be somewhat of the revelation to me.

  4. hcvst 10/09/2011, 12:58 pm:

    Hi Tooblippe, the source is on github and linked to from the URL above – http://qr-code.co.za. As I wrote, it requires a rewrite to clean up.

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