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Lathe parting off and turning


Since the Lathe arrived at H4H there has been considerable activity around it:

  • Kobus showed Guy and I  how to weld / grind / cut and we made a working table for the machine – the wooden top supplied by Fanie and delivered by Org
  • Guy and I cleaned the machine with some paraffin and gearbox oil – basically stripping the machine and reassembling – in the process replacing some broken bits etc
  • Kobus and I repaired the belt cover that was partially broken

And last night Jandré made some cutting bits for parting-off and turning – he used the grinding wheel to masterfully craft these tools from existing (broken & chipped) high speed steel bits:

Jandré really knows his stuff and under his instruction, we took turns to part-off and turn various pieces of metal:

We are planning an introductory course soon, so watch this space!

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iOS Jailbreak – watch the outbreak


Latest instalment of Let’s Talk Hack is all about iOS Jailbreaking and James takes us on a journey behind the scenes on what happens when you jailbreak an iOS device and what the consequences are.

He analyses the envasi0n jailbreak and explains step-by-step the how, why and what – it’s a bit longer than our usual shows but definitely worth the watch:

For more information and resources, go to


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SHAC on BlackBerry 10


Exploring the Blackberry Z10Toby spent two days learning QML and at the same time successfully porting  SHAC (our mobile based access control system) for BlackBerry 10 users.  

QML is part of the Qt framework that Blackberry 10 uses for App development.  From Wikipedia: “QML (Qt Meta Language or Qt Modeling Language[2]) is a JavaScript-based, declarative language for designing user interface–centric applications”.

The source code has been committed to the OpenSHAC project on Github: – look under the blackberry folder to get an idea of QML.

The app implements all the current SHAC features, including sign-in and driving directions to H4H Centurion.  Further, BB10 has something called Active Frames, which is something between a tile and a widget – when the app is “minimized” it appears on the homescreen as an Active Frame which can display custom content. At the moment the Active Frame for SHAC shows the H4H logo, but in future could show the number of people at the house or info about the next event.

Below some screenshots:


Main interface



SHAC Active Frame


Update: the app has been accepted for general consumption on the Blackberry app store:

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