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So what happened Tuesday night 17/06/2014 at h4h Centurion..


No we did not see a video yet of the lower orbit space mission of last weekend- just teasers.. But Phillip is working on it. We got some facts here and there, the glider is still in one piece (or they got one that look just like it) … 🙂

So everybody is waiting.. So hopefully a post above that tell us all about the high altitude glider…

And we ran out of parking again… i have this theory that if we park the vehicles in a parallel dimension? …  Stacking cars was mentioned.. but only twice.

Peter came around with his SmartWatches. Org, Carel, Toby and Francois was all over it. There was some work done on the laser by Peter and Rob gave a hand.

Dennis Kriel came around as well.. with his leather bag- see photo.

man bag

Slightly better photo

Slightly better photo

Note that the photo does not do it justice.. he still has a couple of mods for it- and did some while we were giving advice – and Dennis and team intend to sell them. (They can tell you all about it when they are done..) There is a lot of social taboo’s that have to be changed. Wonder what the reason for the taboo for a man carrying a bag was?  Was it due to weapons? Hackers\Saboteurs? This rock for a tablet or\and notebook.

The guys at Randburg are doing a leather course soon.. The are re branded themselves to MakerLabs. Devin and Mathew are starting to put a nice setup together for brewing. A bottle caper that use compressed air and Arduino, Mathew has a pump that help fill the bottles perfectly and my favorite is the bottle washer.. i hate washing bottles. Devin estimate it cost about R9.40 per liter.
So that is why i go to Randburg\MakerLabs on Wednesdays. Who could have guessed?

And Dennis dropped of refractory cement for our furnace at h4h Centurion(last week). So we have fire bricks, refractory, a gas burner, a hammer, anvil…


please note that this was posted directly to WordPress and Schalk, Phillip or Toby did not check this rambling..yet

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What is up at h4h since Tuesday afternoon – 25 April edition


Kobus catches us up on what has been happening at h4h:

Good afternoon
Ran out of parking again on Tuesday night.. Richard say we should NOT think of building a carousel for cars.. very adamantly. (32 cars the previous week..)
Lee brought some finger food and Rusks  –  
Sorry could not take photo’s lots this week- hands full – got there first… 4mins .. all gone – very tasty. Real home made.

rewind a week from Tuesday…
Hans Chocolates and myself stand outside the Quad copter\balloon room and discuss the uses of 3D printed plastic- with Hans it is ABS. He showed us his lawn mower wheel and a plakkie- The plakkie is flexible and still in R&D. So we start chatting about travel cases.. scroll down

nonamei think there should be a market for OR Thambo proof travel cases…so Hans made a prototype..

have a look at the shell of the case. It is honeycomb reinforced between two 3mm sheets of ABS- all in one print… So this consist of 2 pieces. Weigh 2kg, but very strong- Hans made it.. So still a prototype. Lesson? Careful what you wish for aloud- it just might come true.

And what about a Morgan frame out of ABS?

and myself 3D scanned and printed – Thursday  beer!!!
So remember Quentin’s toy- the laser cutter?

we have learned so much from it already- like dont open when in operation, reading warnings like the fire warning?

noname2So the laser caught alight yesterday… and almost burned itself out. So Quentin will probably rebuild it again soon – for the second time.. 1 stepper confirmed dead. Quentin bought a fire extinguisher and installed it about a day after the arrival of the lasers. No he did not take photos while the laser was ablaze.. 🙂
But the first rule has not been broken by a member yet- ambiguity  “dont be on fire”… the laser dont count.  Quentin had to read though all of this- So no finger pointing..

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What happended Tuesday 4 March

Kobus writes:
This is not to be confused with “what happened at Binary space last night”. They use beer with everything…

Jarryd and Daniel from BushveldLabs came around, they have individually addressable LED- SPI… if real facts are important-

Hans, Francois and myself got stuck in a conversation to make our own PLA. Theoretically not difficult. But talking is easy.

Quentin and Richard was at – or that is what they told me..

So in Quentin’s absence Tuesday, we got to play with Quentin’s laserCutter.. We fixed the airflow “problem” – (Last Friday in Feb there was this nice burning Perspex smell when cutting – Throughout the entire house- dont know why there was so many complaints about it- cleans sinuses beautifully… )

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