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After the Arduino course, I worked a bit on the access control system.  I managed to solder the whole lot and tested it.  The current version works using the Arduino Ethernet Shield; Tobie and I are working on the GSM version, which will be integrated into this soon.

The current version runs a small webserver and a GET request with the correct password will open the security gate.  This is not very secure, so I am looking at adding some security (was thinking about code-hopping + SHA).  User access will be mastered on the management system.  A local copy could be stored on the SD card, to enable off-line operations.

I need to some help with the web side of things:

  • a management console – add/edit/delete users
  • backend, including sync with house controller
  • smartphone friendly page with buttons to open the car gate, front door, alarm system, security gate etc.
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