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Build your own quadcopter – 10 May 2014


ZARCDEV is planning a “Build your own quadcopter” course on the 10th of May 2014 at House4Hack.

Included in the course is the following:

  • Background and some theory of flight
  • What makes it fly and what stops it from flying (the latter is quite important!)
  • How to fly safely and grow the sport (don’t be a dork!)
  • The components of the quadcopter and how they fit together
  • Some soldering basics
  • Step-by-step building the quadcopter
  • Pre-flight
  • Your first flight
  • 1 free flying lesson (learn with a toy copter before you check the cat’s 9 lives)

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Light painting at SciBono


Tech4Africa will be at SciBono this year, we (Arnold, Nico and me) visited there a couple of nights ago and did some light painting using neopixel equiped quadcopters and freakin’ lazers!

Thanks also to Richard for coordinating and Michael Ellis and his team at SciBono for their support on the night.

We are doing two talks this year at Tech4Africa – please vote if you have not done so yet:
Build your own drone ( &
3D print a flying robot (

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Botanical Garden Quad-Phun


Last week we visited the botanical gardens in Johannesburg and Philip made this awesome video:

The garden is great and the people very friendly – also great for FPV flying.

It was lots of phun and planning to do this on a regular basis, so if you know of similar places, let me know 🙂

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