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GTUG Arduino Presentation


We presented H4H and Arduino to GTUG last Saterday!


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Arduino Introductory Course


We are planning another Arduino course for this Saturday 27th at the House

The course will start at 9:00 and run till 12:00

You will be supplied with an Arduino UNO, a breadboard, USB cable and a set of components.  The course fee is R600 –  R450 for the hardware and R150 for the house fund (cool drink, pizza etc).  Check out this article for an idea on what the course covers:

We can accomodate 10 people, so please let me know if you want to attend.  You can comment on this page or email me at schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com

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Access Control


After the Arduino course, I worked a bit on the access control system.  I managed to solder the whole lot and tested it.  The current version works using the Arduino Ethernet Shield; Tobie and I are working on the GSM version, which will be integrated into this soon.

The current version runs a small webserver and a GET request with the correct password will open the security gate.  This is not very secure, so I am looking at adding some security (was thinking about code-hopping + SHA).  User access will be mastered on the management system.  A local copy could be stored on the SD card, to enable off-line operations.

I need to some help with the web side of things:

  • a management console – add/edit/delete users
  • backend, including sync with house controller
  • smartphone friendly page with buttons to open the car gate, front door, alarm system, security gate etc.
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