Basic Electronics Course – Saturday 3 February



Want to learn Arduino and Raspberry Pi but feel overwhelmed by the basic electronics?  This is the course for you!

This course is about helping you achieve a better level of understanding of the basic electronics principles and components that are commonly used in making on platforms like the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.


When: Saturday 3 February
Time: 9:00 – 14:00
Where: House4Hack, 4 Burger Ave, Lyttleton Manor, Centurion
Cost: R700, includes the basic electronics kit, detailed below.

This course is fully booked, thanks for your support

We will be providing coffee and tea during the day, however if you need to snack, please feel free to bring something along.

Topics that will be covered in the course:

  • Introduction to Electricity, Current, Voltage and Resistance
    • What is Electricity?
    • What is Current, Voltage and Resistance?
    • Ohm’s Law and Electrical Power
    • A Basic Circuit example
  • Circuit Diagrams and Basic Electronic Components
    • Understanding of Circuit Diagrams
    • Common components and their symbols
    • Power Supplies
    • Resistors and the Color Charts
    • Resistors in Series and Parallel
    • Diodes and LED’s
    • Capacitors
    • Switches, Transistors and Integrated Circuits
    • Potentiometers
  • • Building your first circuits
    • Understanding different board types – breadboard, prototype and printed circuit
    • Breadboard layout and how does it work?
    • Power up a LED
    • Connecting LED’s in series and parallel
    • Understanding push buttons and toggle switches – build a simple LED flashlight circuit
    • How to control a LED’s brightness
    • Build a automatic LED light trigger with a transistor and LDR
  • Introducing the Integrated Circuit (IC)
    • Introducing the 555 timer
    • Flashing a LED with the 555 timer
    • Controlling the LED brightness with PWM
  • Tools used in the world of electronics
    • How to use a multimeter

The course kit contains the following:

  • 1x breadboard
  • 1x 9V battery
  • 1x battery clip (snap)
  • 9x LED’s (Red, green and yellow)
  • 5x Resistors of each value (36, 330, 470, 1k, 47k, 470k)
  • 2x pushbuttons
  • 1x 10k potentiometer
  • 1x EN555 Integrated Circuit
  • 1x 1uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 1x 10uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 1x 100uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 2x 0.01uF ceramic capacitors
  • 1x LDR (Light Dependant Resistor)
  • 2x 1N4001 diodes
  • 2x 2N2222 NPN transistors
  • Jumper wires

This course is fully booked, thanks for your support

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