Basic Electronics Course : Saturday 25 February


BC337 NPN general purpose transistor

Nick will be presenting Basic Electronics this Saturday 25 Feb 9-13

The course contents :
* Introduction to Passive components
* Introduction to semiconductors
* # different technologies for Switching power to a load/motor

* Relay Circuit
* Transistor Switch : Common Emitter
* SCR Switch

* Transistor Current Amplifiers

* NPN Common Collector
* PNP common Collector
* NPN Common Emitter
* NPN/NPN Darlington pair
* NPN/PNP Darlington Pair

* Practical LABs for the above

You will need an Arduino and breadboard for this course.

The course fee is – R300 (components provided worth R100)

Please send a mail to schalk dot heunis at gmail dot com

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