Autonomous robot using Arduino 9D inertial sensor


Hey keep up the good work guys!  My first visit to the H4H yesterday was great fun and I am really impressed with this initiative – its a haven for hackers and makers and reminds me a lot of the Ham Radio clubs I used to visit with my dad many years ago.

Btw see this link for a weaponised robot I made (during my dayjob nogal – a lunchtime project I should add) that uses the Arduino based Razor inertial measurement device.  Thanks goes to Mathew at Cogency who greatly improved the precision of the inertial feedback by implementing some filtering on the processor.

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  1. skullkey 01/20/2012, 6:56 am:

    This is awesome! Turn Andrew’s house robot into a house guard …this could end badly 🙂

  2. anthon 01/20/2012, 8:57 am:

    Just remember not to wear a shirt with any circular prints on it and you should be safe. Same holds true for pants.

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