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Tuesday evening at the build we had lots of phun. I was nearing completion of the first prototype of Smart House Access Control (SHAC) and appreciated the assistance, debugging and moral support received from Andrew and Schalk to finish the first prototype.

The “sophistication” gets described in a bit more detail in my video hereunder.

In short, the technical jargon goes something like this: SmartPhoneBrowser -> GoogleAppEngine -> web2py -> enter.house4hack -> jQueryMobile -> Authenticate SingleSignOn-> -> ViaGmail -> enter.house4hack -> GateAccess -> http.request(rolling_code) -> House4HackADSL -> Arduino -> EthernetShield -> TinyWebServer -> RollingCodeValidate -> PinHigh -> Relay -> ElectronicGate -> Open!

On that presentation at an upcoming meetup, absolutely! I have never used any of the above “jargon”-technologies before,  2 weeks and a bit in the making/learning, so although I learnt a lot and would love to share all of the uber kewl-ness with da House, I would also like to get some feedback on improvements and further ideas.

Check out this video I made which gives a more in depth look at the guts of what makes the SHAC tick.

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