Jacques has been getting in the spirit of SFD 🙂

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Build Tuesdays


Just a reminder, we are planning our first of many regular Build Tuesdays at 18:00 – 21:00 tonight.

If you want to chat and hangout or build something or show off what you have built, please come join us.

I recently bought the Internet of Things kit from Netram – anyone who is interrested in that sort of thing are welcome to try it out.

The guys at Netram also gave me a tin of proto-plastic, this is pretty amazing stuff, heat with hot water and it turns into clay, when cool it goes back to plastic.  I will bring this along as well for folks to try it out.

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In order to make the house sustainable and buy cool toys (makerbots), we have been seeking industry partnerships and I received a letter on Friday evening from Enerweb ( stating that they would be willing to enter into such a partnership and sponsor the following, initially for 1 year:

  • Rental
  • Equipment – R10k per month
  • Bandwidth – R7k per month

This means that we can really get going!!!  Buckle up, this is going to be a crazy ride.



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