Aquaponics System Build

550L Aquaponics system

550L Aquaponics system

A couple of months ago Dennis presented a course on building a desktop aquaponics course which was a demonstrator of the technology that turns fish food into organic vegetables and fresh fish.

Dennis was also featured on Let’s Talk Hack where he went into how Black Soldier Flies supplements an aquaponics system, to use kitchen waste as the food source for the fish!  This adds a very interesting dimension, reducing total waste for a household.

Saturday, Dennis presented a course and system build on a large scale aquaponics system – the course consisted of a theory portion and then a build.

The build used IBC (the big white containers used to transport fluids) to produce a 550 L fish tank that can take 3 kg of fish in total with one square metre of growing area. Ani took some photos of the whole build process:

Francois & Ani had their GoPro’s running for part of the build and I made a short clip from these using some imagemagick



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