3d-printer maiden print


We started the printer build on 22 November and on 20 December the first print was made!

This video shows the first print (a propeller) using the 3d printer.

Well done to all involved in completing the printer build – the following names come to mind:

  • Andrew
  • John
  • Jossekin
  • Marius
  • Mikkel
  • Nick
  • Philip
  • Schalk
  • Thain

When can we have the first 3d printer course?


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  1. jeff 01/03/2012, 11:41 am:

    Well done guys. Heath Robinson would be proud of you!

  2. amanica 01/04/2012, 12:11 pm:

    Thanks for editing that marathon Schalk!

  3. 3DPrinterSA 02/06/2012, 7:29 pm:

    Hey guys, well done.
    Let us know if we can help with the traing.

    PS. You need to roughen up your bed else the prints wont stick

    • skullkey 02/06/2012, 8:48 pm:

      Yeah,the surface is pretty rough by now 🙂 been doing a couple of prints since this post. We busy adding an option to remotely add printer files, without hving to go through the sd card.

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