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RoboBeast launch and House4Hack open day

Robohand prints 3d mechanical devices to aid amputees (upper limbs).  The creator of RoboHand decided to create RoboBeast – a robust, efficient, Africanized 3d printing beast.  When: 15 February 2014 – 10:00 to 17:00 Where: House4Hack, 4 Burger Ave, Lyttleton Manor The venue is now Elardus Park Primary School, 548 Alberton Street, Elardus Park.  …

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Botanical Garden Quad-Phun

Last week we visited the botanical gardens in Johannesburg and Philip made this awesome video: The garden is great and the people very friendly – also great for FPV flying. It was lots of phun and planning to do this on a regular basis, so if you know of similar places, let me know 🙂

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Flashing BLHeli firmware on DJI Opto 30A ESC’s

Bit more of a technical post – quadcopters (and many other electric rotors and vehicles) use brushless DC motors.  These act as three phase motors and in order to generate the required wavefroms, Electronic Speed Controls (ESC’s) are utilized. DJI OPTO 30A ESC is quite popular for quadcopters and looks like this when you buy…

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