Author: skullkey

ESP8266 Intro Course – Saturday 22 July

Want to add “Internet of Things” to your maker skills?  The ESP8266 is a low cost (< R100) chip with full TCP/IP stack!  This means connecting your projects to the internet, remotely reading nodes and triggering actions. This course offers a gentle introduction to the ESP8266. We utilise the WeMos development board, which combines the familiar Arduino interface with the…

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Basic Electronics Course – Saturday 10 June

Want to learn Arduino and Raspberry Pi but feel overwhelmed by the basic electronics?  This is the course for you! We have put together this course with those in mind that want to experience the exciting world of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, but feel over-whelmed by the basic electronic concepts and components. When: Saturday 10…

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Raspberry Pi self racing car workshop – Saturday 27 May

Mikkel and I think it can be lots of phun to do a self driving car workshop on 27 May. This is an early preview course and will allow us to develop and refine the workshop – so at this stage we are limiting participation to House4Hack members and their kids!     The course…

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