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Arduino Basic Training Kits from Netram


We have been chatting to Netram for a while about supplying kits for our basic training.  As you can imagine it is quite time consuming to get all the components together from various suppliers and package it.

Today’s kits are partially sponsored by Netram (they threw in a carry case, resources CD, free shipping etc), what is means that those attending gets a little more bang (hopefully not) for their buck 🙂 .   Thanks Jared and Wes – you guys rock!

Here is a photo of the kits


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RepRap @ Afrimold


Andrew and I headed over to Afrimold ( on Tuesday.

One of the vendors Cad House ( has a kit of the RepRap which they call RapMan (based on Darwin –

You have a choice of single or double headed device.  The second head allows you to print “scaffolding” which is soluble and allows you to print more intricate design

Watch this space for more feedback – but I can definitely see one of these in our near future

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Rat Trap 2000


The Rat Trap 2000 is a completely OTT yet humane rat catcher – it uses an Arduino UNO as the controller and an IR sensor to detect rodents chowing away on the food – we used apple and maize as bait.  The moment a rodent is detected, the Arduino actuates a servo motor that pulls a pin from the trap door and closes the entrance.

To see what is happening, I setup a webcam and a motion daemon on my eee-pc.  The following very short clip shows the money shot:

Ok, it is very fast, but it shows two rats inside the trap and right at the end of the clip the trap door closing.

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