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DSC Keybus Talk


Presentation for tonight’s talk – describing how to link the Arduino to the DSC Keybus

The Arduino Code is here:

Check out for some nice examples

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Advanced Arduino Course


Presentation for the Advanced Arduino Course, covering SPI, ATTiny and I2C

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Arduino meets DSC


I made this animation using R and the animation package.  The data was collected by linking my Arduino to my DSC alarm system and capturing the motion sensors (no other hardware required :).  The load readings was logged using an Arduino based Energy Logger.

Join me on Tuesday at 18:30 for a talk on this.  I need some help mapping the commands and testing on various flavours of DSC – so if you have an Arduino and a DSC alarm and are curious ….


Because I am capturing the data live, I can also access it via my browser live – the picture is updated using some simple ajax and html5 canvas:

Works great on my Android!

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