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Locksport practice kit


We had our first locksport meeting in Randburg last week and when I posted about it, a couple of people mentioned that they would enjoy something similar in Centurion.

So by popular demand, we will have our first locksport get together next week Tuesday 13 November.

If you are keen to get into this, check out some of the videos linked in my previous post:

Also, you will probably want to make a practice lock, I can show you how at the meetup so purchase a lock (see photos below) Рyou should not pay more than R100.  This is what it should look like, notice the nut that holds the cylinder in place.

The type of lock you will need

Notice the removable "nut" holding the cylinder in place

You want to get a lock that has removable (crimped) plate that covers the top of the cylinder

Also, it has a metal plate on the top of the outer cylinder

This plate is modified to be removable and allows for re-pinning of the lock.

The plate is modified to allow easy reconfiguration of the pins

Also bring along some material for making tools – things like hacksaw blades or the metal strip from windscreen wiper works great.

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