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Intermediate Arduino Course – 18 April


This class is for anyone who understands the basics of the Arduino Single Board Microcontroller and wants to take their projects to the next level.   You will learn to write sketches that fully take advantage of the capabilities of the Arduino.  You will also learn new ways make your Arduino communicate with other devices.

As part of the course, you will build an Arduino weather station with temperature, humidity and pressure readings. Data get saved to a SD card and will also be displayed in real time on a LCD screen. A RTC will keep track of date and time.



Please note that this is an intermediate course and those attending are expected to understand the basics of the Arduino, i.e.  the basic hardware, pin layout, basic programming with the Arduino IDE and connecting LED’s, switches and potentiometers.

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Random Hacks of Kindness – 6 December

We will be hosting a hardware based RHoK event at House4Hack on Saturday 6 December from 8:00 till 18:00.  We have limited space, so please register if you want to participate:

We will be working on the following challenges:

1. ASE Vacuum Former – During our previous African School of Excellence road show, we demonstrated a vacuum former to the kids – they loved it!  We want to build one for them and make some videos of the build and how to use it.

Need people that like building with their hands, a camera man and someone that can help with video editing afterwards.  Also some web expertise to setup a small site with links to the videos on youtube.

2. Morgan instructional videos – Robobeast donated a Morgan 3d printer to African School of Excellence and we want to make some instructional videos for the kids on how to 3d print, calibrate the printer, trouble shoot etc.

Need someone with a video camera and people that can help with editing

3. Flying donkey – the idea of this challenge is to develop a long range cargo able craft to transport medical samples and vaccines to a from remote areas.  Activities for the day will really only be in terms of conceptualizing and initial design.
Need people enthusiastic about using UAV technology for developing problems and people with experience about remote access, health care etc.


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Introduction to Arduino


The introductory course for 29 November is fully booked!

For those attending, we are starting at 9:00 and will continue till about 13:00.  Do not forget to bring along your laptop and if possible install the Arduino IDE from

If you have any queries or last minute requests or have to cancel or will be late, please contact me on 082 777 7098

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