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Introduction to Arduino – Saturday 3 March


IR LED connected to pin3 and 220 ohm resistor to ground

This course will introduce students to the Arduino Single Board Microcontroller which is a powerful platform for creating devices that interfaces with the physical world.
The Arduino can be used in robotics, art installations, 3D printers, and other do-it-yourself electronics projects.
Circuits will be build that utilize sensors and output devices that allow the microcontroller to react to its environment.
Learn electronics, programming, and physical computing concepts by building basic projects.

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Basic Electronics Course – Saturday 3 February



Want to learn Arduino and Raspberry Pi but feel overwhelmed by the basic electronics?  This is the course for you!

This course is about helping you achieve a better level of understanding of the basic electronics principles and components that are commonly used in making on platforms like the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.


When: Saturday 3 February
Time: 9:00 – 14:00
Where: House4Hack, 4 Burger Ave, Lyttleton Manor, Centurion
Cost: R700, includes the basic electronics kit, detailed below.

This course is fully booked, thanks for your support

We will be providing coffee and tea during the day, however if you need to snack, please feel free to bring something along.

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ESP8266 Intro Course – Saturday 22 July


Want to add “Internet of Things” to your maker skills?  The ESP8266 is a low cost (< R100) chip with full TCP/IP stack!  This means connecting your projects to the internet, remotely reading nodes and triggering actions.

This course offers a gentle introduction to the ESP8266. We utilise the WeMos development board, which combines the familiar Arduino interface with the power of the ESP8266 to offer a very accessible introduction to the Internet of Things – a technology trend that is busy changing our world.

When: 22 July 2017
Time: 9:00-14:00
Where: House4Hack, 4 Burger avenue, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion
Cost: R980  includes course kit

Thank you for your support – the course is fully booked

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