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Last time we went out to Golden Gate, Toby took his telescope with and it was lots of fun to look at constellations and planets and so on.  One issue is that it is quite tricky to setup the telescope pointing at something interesting and then get someone else to also see it.  So Toby suggested PiScope:


What is PiScope?

PiScope is a project we are busy with to do basic astrophotography using a RaspberryPi, PiCam and telescope.  When it is done we hope to have autotracking via OpenCV working and at the moment can jog, take photos etc.  It also has a neat little screen where everyone can see the object in question.

Lots of people pitched in to make this happen and was quite a fun project to work on – some woodwork, 3d design, printing, electronics, software all mixed together to make this work.

Want to build your own?

The 3d printed parts, code and so on is all on Github:

Here is the finished product:


We gave a talk at ScopeX 2015 and here is the presentation:

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Happy Valentine’s Day – CNC Style


Marcus and William cut some hearts and flowers on the CNC machine and since it is Valentine’s day, Toby and I added some music

The video shows the CNC routing in 12mm super wood.

So hope you had an awesome Valentine!

Some more photos:

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Monster CNC Router


Yesterday saw the arrival of a monster sized CNC at House4Hack

The machine is part of a venture being incubated by Marcus, Dries and William.  Dries was responsible for building the machine and the group are planning to explore a variety of products and services using this very impressive piece of hardware.

The machine is fitted with a router and can be applied to wood and most plastics.  The table is about the size of a table tennis table and can easily be applied to a full sized door!

One of the reasons for incubating at House4Hack is the potential for cross-pollination between mechanical, electronics and software – the collaborative intelligence that are possible are mind-blowing, think UAV’s, Solar Cars etc, etc.

Currently the plan is to have demonstration of the machine coming Tuesday evening.


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